Lee Burneson Middle School and Parkside Intermediate School
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Project description
The goal of this project is to design, construct, maintain, and optimize a school garden.
  • Testbed for student scientific research that is tied specifically to academic standards
    • Science: soil, chemistry, plant cells, ecosystems, biomes, water cycle, food cycle, the scientific method, collecting data, hybrid vs heirloom, seed propa
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      gation, climate/weather, photosynthesis
    • Math: volume, rate (of water), how to create charts from data, how to analyze data
    • Technology: how to operate sensing devices, devising water irrigation systems, devising water collection and filtration systems
  • Collaboration between Parkside, LBMS, the PTA's from each of these schools, the Westlake Garden Club, Westlake, LINK program and any other entity that would further the project's goals and success.
  • To educate students, staff, and the public the benefits of organic gardening practices
  • To encourage family gardens
  • To harvest edible plants for use...
    • In the school cafeteria
    • To donate to local food banks
    • To donate to local elderly

This project is supported by multiple groups with funds, time, expertise and interest. Please support them!
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Westlake Garden Club

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Dean's Greenhouse

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Tunnel Vision Hoops

Parkside PTA