Rain Barrel Project



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  • From Garden Web Forum: We bought 3 12V DC windshield washer pumps (at Napa external image icon1.png Auto Parts) and bought some tubing and splits (at Home Depot). Using a 12V DC programmable timer (we use one which the part number is BRX1224PTS1), connected to our array of batteries that are charged by 2 165W solar panels, we do our irrigation. With the timer we control when and how long we want the the water to be running. Also, on one of the lines we have spray nozzles for the orchids on the gazebo and the others we water our orchard and some flowers using dripping and soaking methods. So, if you have a very large reservoir along with a good management of how often and for how long you water the plants you may have a solution. On our case we have plenty of water and the plants are doing good.